Innovative Jewellery by Rohan Cherry Designs

Rohan Cherry has always had an interest in design.  Almost from the time he learned to draw he held a fascination for shapes and their contribution to aesthetics.  Throughout his young life, in idle moments he would sketch, and redesign, utilitarian objects, like a bicycle, always seeking to add interest and character to practicality.  Not surprisingly, this enthusiasm for decorative design took him to Stellenbosch University where he studied jewellery design under Erico Kassar, then head of the department at Stellenbosch.

After studying, Rohan found that working behind a counter modifying mass produced jewellery to suit customer needs did little to satisfy his creative urges.  He then started his own business designing and manufacturing jewellery – focusing on what he believed to be a neglected area in a growing market – rings for men!  His intention was to bring a new, less ‘plain’ feel into this arena, which has been dominated by titanium and stainless steel.  This birthed a keen exploration into new innovative ways of designing and manufacturing his jewellery.

Always a forward thinker, and not one to conform to the norm, Rohan looked at ways to reflect this way of being into his work.  From a young age, Rohan has had a love of the great outdoors – forests, mountains, wildlife – and has always felt inspired by nature.  This innate attraction and honouring of anything natural manifested in his fascination with wood.  He found the warm glow and natural grain of the wood very appealing to work with, and so went about creating his own method of stabilising the wood.  Stabilisation is a relatively new concept with wood.  Rohan’s unique  stabilising process not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood, making it glow deep into the natural grain, but also provides extaordinary longevity, durability, resilience and shine.  A few examples of the types of wood he enjoys working with are African Blackwood, Purple Heart, Rhodesian Teak, Pink Ivory, Wild Olive and Mbuia.

Rohan has since expanded his designs into creating a feminine range which exquisitely portrays the interplay of precious metals with gems.

We look forward to showcasing these innovative designs at the 2011 Design Indaba.

Mens Range

Men of Adventure & Distinction

Unisex Range

Unisex: The Cherry Collection

Womens Range

Elegant Chic Womens Range