Mission Statement

Rohan Cherry Designs’ purpose is to:

  • Sell jewellery made from different types of wood interplayed with precious metals and gems to the public and to key outlets in and around Cape Town, with the intention of expanding nationally and ultimately to the international market.
  • Make sure that each individual customer is satisfied with each and every creative artistic purchase so that each time they wear that special piece of jewellery they feel sophisticated, empowered and different.

How do we do this:

  • Offer innovative, handcrafted jewellery of a high quality.
  • Each item is unique unto itself and cannot be replicated.
  • By using a unique method of stabilization which enhances the natural beauty of each wood creation while adding extraordinary durability, resilience and shine.

Mens Range

Men of Adventure & Distinction

Unisex Range

Unisex: The Cherry Collection

Womens Range

Elegant Chic Womens Range